Kenya Social Protection Sector Review

Sector Review Launch

The State Department for Social Protection through the NSPS developed and launched the Social Protection Sector Review II. The document offers a strategic review of the social protection sector up to 2017 and how it has evolved since the last review that took place in 2012. The reviewed document highlights how the Government of Kenya in collaboration with other partners and stakeholders has made commendable achievements in the sector. The impact of social assistance programmes in Kenya has grown in recent years as cash transfers have expanded and more ad hoc food-based transfers have reduced in size. Impact evaluations show positive effects in health, education (including reducing child labour), labour market participation, savings and credit, resilience to shocks and women’s empowerment. Programmes are increasing the capacity of the Kenyan labour force and have stimulated investment in assets and local economic growth; but impacts would increase with higher coverage and improved targeting. Cost efficiency has improved and has been helped by increased coordination and consolidation of delivery within Inua Jamii and by the use of electronic transfers. For the HSNP and CT-OVC schemes, cost efficiency is on a par with programmes in other countries. Administrative costs in contributory programmes have declined in recent years.

Despite only commencing in 2004, Kenya now invests more in social protection than many richer middle-income countries and is the leading investor in the region. Furthermore, Kenya is an excellent example of the benefits that can be gained from a strong partnership between international agencies and national governments. Nonetheless, over time the Government has increasingly become the main driver in determining social protection policy. Further investment in social protection will be necessary if Kenya is to continue to build its economy and a more cohesive society, in line with Vision 2030. The launch took place on Friday 11th October, 2019, at the Intercontinental Hotel, Nairobi officiated by the Chief Administrative Secretary, Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, Hon. Abdul Bahari.

Kenya Social Protection Sector Review Executive Document

Kenya Social Protection Sector Review Summary Document



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