M&E update: External Monitoring to Commence in March 2016

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) has come onboard the NSNP to conduct external monitoring, starting from May 2016.

Aimed to yield data that will help improve programme performance, this exercise will focus on critical programme implementation issues such as compliance to Operations Manual with regard to targeting, registration, updating of beneficiary information into MISs and recertification.

Also in focus will be issues on payment, specifically seeking to identify the main challenges faced by Payment Service Providers when delivering payments, identify risks associated with payment processes and make recommendations on ways to address and mitigate these factors.

Another area of interest for this exercise will be the management of complaints and grievances in which the monitoring team will be seeking to establish how programmes have so far handled cases of Complaints and Grievances(C&G), assess the existing C&G structures and also assess the level of awareness of the established C&G structures and their usage by beneficiaries.

Further, the external monitoring team will assess operational processes to verify compliance with co-responsibilities and response to penalties on non-compliance to issues such as schooling, immunization and Vitamin A supplement.
The firm will work in collaboration with the Social Protection Secretariat, respective programme Secretariats departments and the Monitoring and Evaluation Technical Working Group.

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