Brand Identities for Social Protection, NSNP and Single Registry developed

The creation and development of brand identities for Social Protection, National Safety Net Programme and the Single Registry was completed at the end of 2015.

The Social Protection Secretariat (SPS) worked on this assignment with the programmes through a branding committee representative of the NSNP programmes and with support from the World Food Programme to accomplish this important task.

Below are the three newly created brand identities:

brand identities for social protection nsnp and single registry developedspbrand identities for social protection nsnp and single registry developed2

Currently, work is in progress to develop a Brand Book, a document that will guide coherency in application, usage and communication of the three brands, by the various SP actors.
The brand identities will be useful progressively in building identifiability, notability and memorability of the brands, contributing to awareness and profile raising of social protection through repeated visibility during tailored communication and through other SP related engagements. 

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