Plans for Integration of a ‘Cash Plus’ Programme into NSNP in Top Gear

A section of Social Protection stakeholders came together on 27th April 2016, to consult and chart the way forward in regard to broadening the current social protection services to include provision of complimentary support for the existing NSNP beneficiaries as well as other vulnerable populations. The consultations took place in a meeting held at the Sarova Stanley hotel in Nairobi.

L: Winnie Mwasiaji, Social Protection Secretariat contributes to discussions during the NSNP’s Cash Plus stakeholders meeting held at the Sarova Stanley hotel in Nairobi on 27th April 2016.

Stakeholders also reviewed and discussed existing models of Cash Plus and graduation programmes such as the BOMA, a Non- Governmental Organization implementing a two year poverty graduation programme in Northern Kenya and Bangladesh models, for better understanding of the subject. The opportunity was also used to constitute a working  group to prepare a concept note  and terms of reference for the Cash Plus programme. The government xpressedits commitment to the Cash Plus Concept and the intention to: Provide complimentary support for existing cash transfer beneficiaries such as health insurance Provide comprehensive poverty graduation programme to build stable livelihoods, build resilience and enable beneficiaries to support themselves.

Build evidence based data for policy formula-tion, planning, budgeting and implementation of a multi - faceted programme, multi-agency and multi-donor programme.Ensure sustainability of the programme interven-tions and graduation models.

Cash Plus refers to the programme option of combining cash transfers with other types of support based on the rationale that cash alone is not always sufficient
as a means to address the broad and interrelated social and economic risks and vulnerabilities that beneficiaries of cash transfers face every day.

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