Delivery of the Second Management of Social Protection Training, Baringo

The second delivery of Management of Social Protection Services (Voice of the Participants)

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Management of Social Protection Services is a pioneer training programme in Kenya aimed at boosting the knowledge and strengthening skills of practitioners on social protection for effective delivery. The practice of social protection is anchored within legal, legislative and policy frameworks. The training offers content that provides participants with a strong foundation for understanding how such instruments interact at different levels of implementation. The curriculum was developed by the collaborative effort of the Social Protection Secretariat (Ministry of Labour and Social Protection), WFP Kenya and Kenya School of Government (KSG). The pioneer trainings are supported under the UNICEF-WFP five-year joint programme for Social Protection funded by the Government of Sweden.

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Following a successful pilot of the training in June 2021, the second was held on 9th -20th August 2021 at the Kenya School of Government – Baringo campus. The training had a total of 23 participants representing Baringo, Turkana, Samburu, Kakamega and Vihiga, County Governments. Representatives from KSG and Ministry of Labour and Social Protection (Social Protection Secretariat, Department of Social Development, Directorate of Social Assistance, Department of Children Services and the National Council for Persons with Disabilities) were also present.

The course training approach includes brief lectures, individual exercises, group discussions, self- study, case studies, field visits.

The views of some of those interviewed:

“Since the onset of devolution in Kenya, county governments have borne the burden of designing and implementing social protection interventions with very limited skills and knowledge. There was no learning institution that was training on social protection in Kenya. That’s why the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, WFP Kenya and KSG developed this course,” shared Joshua Ochuka, Head of Centre of Leadership, Public Service Values and Ethics at Kenya School of Government Studies in Nairobi.

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“Before this, I hadn’t had any formal training on social protection, and it was challenging for me to fully engage in crucial work like developing of county sectorial policies and legal framework. Currently, Samburu is at different stages of developing social protection policy and DRM policy with the support of WFP Kenya and UNICEF Kenya. When I go back to the county, I’ll be keen to apply my new skills,” said Joseph Lolchuraki- Principal Coordinator Special Project, Samburu County Government.

“My understanding of the concept of delivering cash transfers as opposed to other forms of intervention is much improved. As a health worker, the training has helped in shaping my understanding on the need of thinking beyond cash to what is referred to as cash plus.” Salome Sumba, Nursing Officer and County Coordinator of Boresha Afya ya Mama na Mtoto, Vihiga County

“Learning should go on even beyond classroom. It would benefit many Kenyans if KSG, the Ministry and donors would think of customising the content for others like the members of the county assembly and other county service sectors. I intend to share information with the Ministries that we collaborate on social protection issues.  It would add a lot of value if we could all read from the same page on key concepts of social protection.” Mark Amiyo- Director, Social Protection, Turkana County Government                                           

“I am keen to be part of the Kenya Community of Practice on Social Protection matter to continue to deepen my understanding on social protection and especially emerging trends and good practices from other similar interventions. I’d like to access online training materials that we can tailor make to suit the needs of the different stakeholders within the county.” Antoinette Muyuka, Programme Coordinator, Imarisha Afya ya Mama na Mtoto- Kakamega County Government

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“Engaging in targeting processes that reach out to the most vulnerable has been a big challenge. There are those that are always excluded and yet they really need the support of the county. The concept of inclusive targeting is one that I’ll share with the CEC, Directors within my department and other stakeholders through the county steering committee platform,” Aengwo Daudi- Director Gender, Youth and Social Services, Baringo County.

“I encourage all the participants to continue enhancing their knowledge on social protection. This is a sector that has drawn a lot of interest and there are valuable research reports both in Kenya and globally that provide valuable insights. As a practitioner, it’s always good to keep up to date on social protection trends,” concluded Paul Njoroge, Senior Social Development Officer, Directorate of Social Assistance and Course Trainer.

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