Health Insurance


The  re-establishment of  the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) as a fully-fledged comprehensive  national Health  Insurance scheme, covering all Kenyans and to which  those who can afford  have to contribute to is one of the key areas of focus by the government in the Social Health component. Others include the establishment of a medical frame work to provide access to  essential health care benefit  package,  including  maternal care and HIV related diseases for  those unable to contribute to the national fund; adopt  the required measures  to extend an improved range  of benefits compulsorily  provided  for by NHIF, including  outpatient  care, specialized  treatment  and quality assurance, sickness benefits and mandated post –retirement  health cover. Further, the government will also seek to establish a health insurance regulator to improve standard setting; provide a supportive framework for private sector participation in healthcare and define the role, place and function of medical benefit (insurance schemes) in relation to the NHIF and government interventions in health care.

The government will work with partners and all other stakeholders to executive the above plans, subject to the operationalization of the National SP policy.


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