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benefitsWorking with stakeholders, the government plans to establish comprehensive Social Security arrangements that will extend legal coverage to all workers in the formal and informal sectors and their dependents. Other significant plans include the implementation of structures to make membership of social security schemes compulsory and enforce compliance for those able to contribute, review and adjust governance and management arrangements to allow representation of government , employer and worker interests as well as develop synergies within social security and across the SP spectrum to establish a seamless system of care and provision through suitable benefit harmonization, coordinated information systems and reliable contributor and beneficiary database. The government also plans to promote the adoption of legislative policy and implementing measures to replace (where appropriate) lump sum benefit payment s with regular payments, indexed to take care of the rise in cost of living, incorporating (as applicable ) preservation and portability of benefits, extend the range of benefits to cover core areas of needed protection such as unemployment and comprehensive pre and post natal care in the event of pregnancy, align social security schemes , arrangements and interventions with constitutional prescripts in particular the fundamental rights and in so doing eliminate unfair forms of discrimination, disadvantage and disparate treatment. Efforts will also be made to determine the desired scope, role and place of occupational schemes in appropriately extending social security coverage to those who can contribute to their own post-retirement welfare and security risk.

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