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  • During the Social protection week
  • During the Social protection week

The National Social Protection Secretariat

The National Social Protection Secretariat (NSPS) is mandated to provide strategic leadership and strengthen the governance structure by ensuring effective coordination and execution of all social protection initiatives and programmes in Kenya.

Strategic Leadership

The NSPS ensures that the social protection actors embrace a collective vision for the success of social protection initiatives in the country. It focuses on long term innovation and provides clear direction and collaborative effort to work together towards a common goal


Harmonizing state and non state  actors involved in social protection to ensure policies and programs are effective, efficient and inclusive in the social protection sector in Kenya . Effective coordination ensures that social protection programs complement each other, avoid duplication and maximize their impact.


Putting in place mechanisms by which different social protection programs are harmonized and aligned to achieve common goals for effective social protection delivery.

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enhancing synergies, improving lives

Our Achievements

1000000 +

Beneficiaries of the Cash Transfer (CT) Programmes

34.5 %

to older persons and senior citizens

39.6 %

to orphans and vulnerable children

19 B+

disbursed for the CT Programs